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Massachusetts is full of excitement, history, nature, events & attractions, dining, sports, and much, much more. While we like to consider ourselves experts on the matter, we’d like to hear from you!

Become a MassFinds Guest Blogger and help us tell the story of Massachusetts’ most-notable, most-share-worthy, and most-fun finds!

How can you contribute? It’s simple! Share your favorite restaurant, your favorite hotel or inn, a great experience that you’ve had at a local event, or anything else that you can think of. Every month, we’ll select a few submissions and publish them on MassFinds.

Criteria for written submissions:

  • Words: 200-300
  • Links: Hyperlink to any destinations or establishments mentioned, otherwise we will include links that we feel suffice.
  • Photos: Upload/include any photos that you would like included within your post.  Please also identify where you would like your photo inserted within the text of the post.

Criteria for photo submissions:

  • Provide a minimum of 3 clear quality photos.
  • Provide a caption/description for each photo submitted
  • Upload photos here; otherwise provide the URL to which your photos can be found.

Criteria for video submissions:

  • Provide a minimum length of 2 minutes of video footage
  • Upload video content through YouTube and provide us with the link
  • Provide a caption/description

Please understand that we will strive to publish the majority of our submissions, but, unfortunately, we will not be able to publish everything that is submitted. All submissions will go through an editing and approval process that, in turn, could potentially require revisions, edits, or reworked ideas.

If we choose to publish your submission, we will certainly contact you with further details. If you would/would not like to be referenced by name, please let us know when we contact you.

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